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Cake Sale Drumcondra

Thank you – Cake Sale Fundraising

Caroline, IDYA’s Chairperson would like to say few words! See the video below and it’s filmed during our Cake Sale Fundraising for WFDYS in South Africa 2011. Many thanks for your support and please do continue supporting IDYA’s next fundraising event in the future.

WFD General Assembly – Day 12

Today we met up with Signmark (Deaf rapper) who taught us a few lines to one of his raps which we will be doing at the Welcome Cocktail tomorrow. We had to meet him at 9am! So tired! It only lasted for about 45 mins before I stayed to watch the WFD General Assembly. This […]

WFDYS General Assembly – Day 11

Well this was the all important day, the General Assembly. A chance to say what we want and vote for what we want to happen for the next four years. The meeting was scheduled for 2pm – 8pm which was quite a late start, but hey, least I got an extra hour lie in! The […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 10

So today it was the day of the Youth General Assembly Workshop. It started at 10am and was meant to end at 5pm however, the whole thing ended before lunch at 1pm! The workshop focused on the proposals and also any questions that we may have about the actual assembly which is tomorrow at 2pm […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 9

So this was it, the last goodbye and being separated after having been together a whole week 24/7. Our bus picked us up at 10am and dropped us off at the International Convention Centre (ICC) where the General Assembly and congress was being held, BUT; the bus didn’t leave til 11.30am cos a lot of […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 8

I went down for breakfast and was surprised to see barely anyone there, turns out they were all hungover from partying! Couldn’t believe that today was the last day cos the week has gone by so quickly! Wish it was for longer! Although one thing I was glad of, was to be in a different […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 7

After a nice day off, we sat down to watch two guest speakers from Africa. The first was John Meletse, a Deaf gay activist working on LGBT issues and peer education. The topic was Positively Deaf: Life with HIV. He told us of how he felt when he found out he had HIV, also what […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 6

Nothing much to report really as we went to Ushaka Marine Park where we watched dolphins and went to Wet-n-Wild there also. It was nice to have a “day off”! The weather was gorgeous also which helped. Got a bit of a tan which never happens! We got back to the hotel camp around 6 […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 5

Today was a full day of Megan Youngs giving her presentation. I didn’t know who she was or what she did but was told it would be very interesting and it was. She’s originally from Canada but now travels and works in Africa with Deaf people. She told us of how she got involved with […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 4

It was a very long day, most of the day was about the countries reports which lasted til about 4pm which was really tiring. We were amazed to see that most of the youth associations had some form of paid staff whereas Ireland, a ‘first world’ country doesn’t. Such a shame. One thing that was […]