Remarks at launch of Being Young & Irish – President of Ireland

The Chairperson of the Irish Deaf Youth Association, Caroline McGrotty and the Secretary of Irish Deaf Youth Association, Ronan Lowry attended the launch of Being Young and Irish by President of Ireland, President Michael D Higgins. We were invited to attend to launch of Being Young and Irish. During the Presidents election in November 2011, in his speech, President Higgins committed to hosting a number of Seminars during his Presidency, the first of these would focus on ‘Being Young and Irish’.

What is “Being Young and Irish Initiative”?

The President of Ireland wants to hear from young people and seek their views on the difficulties individuals from diverse backgrounds are experiencing being young and Irish people today. It’s about encouraging young people to get involved in discussion and debate about what kind of country we have, what we wish to create and how this can be achieved for the young people in Ireland. Also to promote the identity of young people and celebrate original, youth-led, solutions.

The Being Young and Irish will run from 25th May to 29th Sept 2012. During that period young people aged 17 – 26 are invited to create practical ideas and make suggestions for the improvement in Irish society through an online process. You can contact us if you would like to meet us and discuss this. We will help out with submission of any ideas.
Submission questions, example, the following questions:

  • What is your vision for Ireland?
  • What can you and other young people do to achieve this?
  • What else needs to happen to make your proposals possible?

Submissions can be made in narrative form, through song, of course, sign language, or poetry – in the kind of form that suits you best to express your views. There will also be an opportunity to contribute views in a number of regional consultation workshops. You can find more details on the application process on how to attend the regional workshops and the consultation questions, by going to, or by consulting the printed materials available today.

President of Ireland’s quote –

“I hope you will be part of this discussion, take an active part in the discourse, use this opportunity to share your vision, your struggles, and most importantly your solutions to overcoming the current difficulties and obstacles and achieve that Ireland of which we can all be proud at home and abroad.”

You can find more information on the President of Ireland’s website. Also you can watch the Irish Sign Language Video below or click here to watch the video of the summary in Irish Sign Language.

We, on the behalf of Irish Deaf Youth Association would sincerely like to thank President of Ireland, President Michael D. Higgins for the invitation to attend to this launch which was of great benefit to us. We certainly will upload our submission on our website.

We would encourage our members in the Deaf Community to get involved with submissions and your views and opinions. The more voices of young people will change everything with your help.

If you have any questions on the above – please feel free to get in touch with us and please go to the contact page for the details.