Opportunity to Learn in Poland

The IDYA working with Deafhear have an exciting new opportunity to learn in Poland for a week for two young people over 18, one hearing person and one Deaf person who has International Sign.

What is the project about?

From the 3rd – 11th November, there is a training event which will happen over the week which is being funded by Youth In Action from the EU . The other participants will be from various European countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Portugal and Slovenia.

The objective of the training is to see how hearing and deaf cultures interact with each other and it presents an opportunity for them to learn and educate each other while also learning from other participants in the training. The training will be through presentations, working in groups, games, theatre and activities.

What do I have to have?

The deaf participant should have knowledge in International Sign and a knowledge of Deaf culture and eager to work with hearing people.  The hearing person should be able to speak fluently in English and a motivation to increase their awareness of the Deaf community.

Do I have to pay for the training?

No! It’s absolutely free!! The registration for the event is free and flights will be covered by the project and with the support of Deafhear.


Contact us via email; info@irishdeafyouth.com with your reasons why you want to be involved in the project and stating if you are deaf or hearing. Don’t miss your chance to gain an opportunity to meet with deaf and hearing people internationally and gain new skills and knowledge!

APPLY BEFORE 5th October!

ISL Video:

[youtube id=”OqNcxDzYqpI”]

Transcript of the Video:

Hello! My name is Caroline McGrotty, this is my sign name. I am the chairperson of the Irish Deaf Youth Association (IDYA). We would like to inform you of a training event which will be held in Poland from the 3rd November to the 11th November. We are looking for 2 people, 1 deaf and 1 hearing person. The deaf person should be able to sign in International Sign.  The training main objective is to see how the hearing and deaf communities interact with each other while teaching and learning about their cultures.  It’s not just Ireland who are involved in the training, but also other countries such as Poland and Bulgaria. If you are interested in being part of this, please contact the IDYa on our email, info@irishdeafyouth.com.  The training is free and the flights are also free. So if you are thinking about it, please apply now by emailing info@irishdeafyouth.com. Thank you and BYE!!