Call for 16 young people to join Sencity organising team!

Sencity Local Team Flyer

Hello everyone!

The Irish Deaf Youth Association are proud to be working in partnership with ‘five.’ in organising the first ever Sencity in Ireland! To organise Sencity, we need a team of 16 young volunteers aged 18-25. Sencity will be on the 1st December in Dublin!

What is Sencity?

Sencity is an event where all your senses are explored! Touch, taste, see, hear, feel! It will take place in Dublin on the 1st December!

What do I have to do?

To help make Sencity a success, there will be a series of 10 workshops from August – December. It is preferable that you will particpate in all of the workshops. The workshops will give you training in how to organise and run an event plus includes an exchange weekend where the team will go to The Netherlands (Holland) to visit the team who are working on Sencity there and also have the opportunity to attend Sencity.

What do I have to have?

It is preferable that participants in the workshops are aged 18 – 25 and motivated! However if you are outside of this age group, you can still help out and volunteer throughout and also on the night at Sencity. You can be Deaf, hard of hearing and also hearing!

Do I have to pay for the workshops?

No! It is absolutely free! It includes all of your training and the exchange to Holland.


Contact us today to get involved! Limited places available and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Don’t miss your chance to learn, build confidence, meet new people and be part of history!!!

Email; or leave a comment below and we will get in touch with you!

ISL Video:

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