WFDYS Camp – Day 7

After a nice day off, we sat down to watch two guest speakers from Africa. The first was John Meletse, a Deaf gay activist working on LGBT issues and peer education. The topic was Positively Deaf: Life with HIV. He told us of how he felt when he found out he had HIV, also what […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 6

Nothing much to report really as we went to Ushaka Marine Park where we watched dolphins and went to Wet-n-Wild there also. It was nice to have a “day off”! The weather was gorgeous also which helped. Got a bit of a tan which never happens! We got back to the hotel camp around 6 […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 5

Today was a full day of Megan Youngs giving her presentation. I didn’t know who she was or what she did but was told it would be very interesting and it was. She’s originally from Canada but now travels and works in Africa with Deaf people. She told us of how she got involved with […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 4

It was a very long day, most of the day was about the countries reports which lasted til about 4pm which was really tiring. We were amazed to see that most of the youth associations had some form of paid staff whereas Ireland, a ‘first world’ country doesn’t. Such a shame. One thing that was […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 3

We started the morning off by watching a Deaf South African, Braam Jordaan, tell us about his life. He’s a professional animator and editor. Watching his story was very interesting as he came through some hard times and has achieved many things in his short career. He signed for about an hour and people had […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 2

This was really the first day of lectures and information exchanges as the day before were arrivals and registration to the camp. We had a bright and early start at 9am with information about WFDYS and what the rules were etc… Very interesting information about different Youth Camps and why/where the WFDYS started. I was […]

WFDYS Camp – Day 1

I met Jason in the airport at 4pm on the Tuesday (5th July), checked in our luggage to go straight to Durban instead of having to collect and drop it through security again and again. We had to get 3 flights, Dublin – London, then London 0- Johannesburg then lastly from Johannesburg to Durban. Checked […]


Short Film – The End

Recently there has been a lot of discussion going on in the UK over a mockumentary (fake documentary) which sees Deaf people being wiped out. The film follows 4 Deaf children from a very young age until they are about 70 years old. Synopsis Starting in the 1980’s, drama ‘The End’ follows 4 Deaf children […]


What Do You Think Of Our New Website?

Well guys, at last our website is up and running! You can keep up to date on all the information right here! But first we want to know what do you think of our website? Please comment on anything you think that is good or bad or can be improved on. Your feedback is so […]


We are still looking for UK leaders for the IUK Camp this summer. Please fill in an application form and email to This is a great opportunity and is not to be missed if you want to work with Deaf children and need experience. Download Application Form Training Weekend Dates: 15th – 17th July […]