IUK Deaf Camp 2011 – Day 1

Finally it’s here now! The IOC have been working since 7am this morning to ensure that everything is in order for the IUK Camp 2011. Many thanks to the IOC! Robert and Vincent left Dublin at 7am to get things ready for the camp in Killary , County Galway – see site for more details. :)

The first arrivals were the Scottish participants at 8.50am and then shortly afterwards the Welsh at 9.00am. They were brought to the Deaf Club in Drumcondra. The Irish Participants were at the building early. A hearty warm welcome for everyone. An hour later, finally the English had arrived in Ireland safely at 9am with a big number of participants and leaders.

Everybody was excited when the coach arrived at the front of Deaf Club building. Like it’s finally happening! Our journey to Killary took about six hours. The reason why it took us so long was because of toilet breaks and driver breaks. (He needed a break due to Irish’s Transport Law).

Arrived Killary in County Galway at around 5pm. Wet weather. Well it wasn’t too bad though. :) Everybody flew into the Killary Activites Centre for a quick lunch before having a big dinner at 7pm. Robert, camp co-ordinator gave the presentation on the IUK and an introduction setting out like who we are, ground rules and much more!

Later on, we had dinner with a gorgeous desert.  Ice-cream of course but it was yummy! :) We had great fun with lots of ice-breaking and getting to know each other. It’s a fantastic way to get to know each other.  Games for this evening and everybody enjoyed themselves although everyone was very tired after a long day!

Please do continue following us on the IUK Blog! Also please bear with us for the next few days if the blogs aren’t uploaded on that day, it could be internet fault or many other things to do with the camp.  Don’t worry I will upload it the next day!

Bye for now! – Ronan.