IUK Deaf Camp 2011 – Day 3

At day three already! Another morning with wet weather. We had planned to have a morning full of exercise for the Deaf Youth participants. However we decided to use the dining room instead. The IOC moved all the tables to make space. They played games before having breakfast at 8.45am.

After breakfast the activities started at 10am. The groups had spilt up into groups of four. Some of the groups went to Laser war in the Forest. Another group went george-walking and daft-building. They enjoyed themselves. They had other activities again in the evening in which they played Laser war. Another group didn’t get a chance to play with it due to the time.

When everybody had finished lunch we attended a workshop given by Paul Scott’s (BDA’s Representative). Paul’s workshop focused on Deaf organizations throughout the world, how they work and what’s their structure.  He showed  examples of the organization logos, e.g. IDYA, BDA, IDS, WFD, WFYS and much more. When he had completed with his presentation he spilt us up into four groups for discussion. Paul give them a question – “Developing Countries – You have received €20,000 (£17,000) to support/help developing countries. They had to discuss the idea of how to support or improve services for developing countries. The Deaf youth participants completed their discussion and bought ideas back to everybody, their ideas on how to improve the services for  developing countries.  Over-all the feedback was fantastic. Well done! :)

After dinner finished we had a half hour break/free time before the activities began again. Some of the Deaf youth participants decided to stay in the Activities Centre and to finish off the IUK Banner. Another group went off to the laser war and they had great time with loads of muddy feet and faces.

That’s all folks! We will be adding more photographs and videos later on! Awful busy with the camp ensuring that everything goes smooth over the next few days. :)