Hello everybody!

What a lovely morning to start the day with! We are staying in Dublin for a  few days! We are going on a trip to Dublin city for the day.

We went on the Viking Splash Tour car/boat.   You can check out the Viking’s Tours website for more information. The Viking tour guide guided us around the capital of Dublin. The Deaf youth participants were pretty excited seeing the capital city of Ireland – Dublin.

Later on we went to the park and had our lunch.  A big change from earlier in the week. It was a lovely sunny afternoon.  At 12.30pm, we went to the museum “Dublina” – You can check out their website. What a brilliant museum! Everybody enjoyed themselves! They were able to touch the materials that Viking people used in the 12th Century.

We arrived on campus in the evening.  We had our dinner in the dining room with another group of different camper, e.g. a basketball camp.  The campus seemed to be very busy with loads of people. We had planned on going swimming in the evening time but before that we had played football outside. Well, our evening was more relaxed with free time after our activities, trips and workshops! We decided to take it easy tomorrow!

That’s all folks! Apologies for the delay in uploading our blogs on our website. We were very busy over the last few days with the camp! It’s important to make sure that everything goes well and smooth for everybody! :D