Our last day in Galway.  We are looking forward to heading back to Dublin for the next few days.  Wet weather again today!  We can’t do anything about the weather! Ah well! We had our breakfast and then a workshop given by Wendy Murray. :)

Wendy is a director of the Irish Deaf Society.  Her hobby is to travel to different countries. Her presentation was about her experiences travelling throughout the world. It was excellent to have a presentation by a Deaf person who has had a fantastic experience with travelling around the world. This had a “Wow” performance and demonstrated to the Deaf youth participants, e.g. “You can do it”.

When her workshop completed some Deaf youth participants went to the activities even though the weather was very wet.  Some of them stayed at the centre.  Paul Scott had a great idea with game that he bought back from South Africa. Most of them enjoyed themselves before heading to the coach and departing for Dublin.

I might be unable to upload the blog tomorrow as I am very busy with other things to do for the camp tomorrow. :)