Everybody woke up at 7.30am on Tuesday morning. The weather seems to have improved. The young participants were called by the leaders to partake in morning exercises before breakfast. The leaders spilt up the group into groups of four.  Young participants against the staff, e.g. Irish Organising Committee, Representatives, etc… Sadly at the end of the exercise games the staff were beaten by the Deaf youth participants. :) Anyway it was a good fun!

We had a workshop in the morning and Phillipa gave the presentation to the workshop. Let me tell you a bit about her background.  Phillipa was as youth participant in the IUK camp in 2004.  Also she was picked as leader in 2007 for the IUK Deaf Camp. It was pretty exciting to hear about her experience. Now she is president of the European Union of Deaf Youth.

Anyway, the presentation was about diversify and her experience with her travelling. Her presentation (Diversify) showed how respect is very important for everybody, e.g. being treated fairly, given respect at all times and much more. The Deaf youth participants were pretty interested and got involved in the workshop by asking her questions during the workshop. It seemed to go well.  Well done! :)

After lunch we attended activities as usual by spiltting up the groups into four ahead of their activities, e.g. laser war, rock climbing, raft building. They enjoyed the activities.

Following the afternoons activities we had dinner in the evening. After the dinner finished we completed our home-make banner for the IUK Deaf Camp 2011. I thought it was a pretty nice banner!  With painted hands we all placed our handprints on the banner to allow us to take memories from the camp.  Also we painted hands we messed around adding colour to people’s faces. It was a good evening full of laugher!

Also we had surprise birthday party for one of the participants from England. The IOC, Representatives and Leaders planned this over the last few days.  It was truly a surprise. We ordered a gorgeous chocolate cake from Galway City – (Ronan L was very proud! :D) She couldn’t believe it and thanked everybody for the lovely surprise.   Now everyone was exhausted and off to bed we went.

See you tomorrow!