Everybody got up at 8am but the leaders got up earlier! What a beautiful morning with beautiful views of the Killary ( Galway) landscape. So many mountains but fantastic views! We settled down for breakfast and a little free time before the day starts.

We had a pretty exciting workshop given by Dr. John Bosco. John Bosco completed his PhD and was graduated last year. He is currently working as the lecturer and the coordinator in the Bachelor of Deaf Studies in the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin. The workshop focused on the Socially Excluded and Included. John introduced himself at the start of workshop, e.g. his background, his studies, etc. The young people were spilt up into four groups to discuss the idea of the socially excluded and included background, e.g. “Are deaf people shown equality today?” They threw up loads of ideas and it was great to learn from the Deaf youth participants. They seemed to be more confident after the workshop around mixing with the Irish participants (Irish Sign Language) and UK (British Sign Language) and began making new friends! Over all they enjoyed his workshop, well done John! ☺

After lunch the groups were split into groups of A,B,C and D. We went off to start todays activities in the wet weather! They returned at 5pm and they enjoyed themselves! Later on the weather improved. The Deaf youth participants went out and played games. Some of them decided to stay inside and do art work (IUK Banner) for the group photo tomorrow. See the image below – working on the banner, hopefully should be finished by tomorrow. ☺

Finally everybody enjoyed themselves on day one. Hopefully the weather will be nice for us tomorrow morning!

Will drop you a blog tomorrow! Good night everybody! Ronan L. :)