The “Very Proud” Board Members of IDYA

The “Very Proud” Board Members of Irish Deaf Youth Association | IDYA.

From left to right: Ronan Dunne (Board Member), Paul Ryder (Treasurer), Carmel Duggan (Board Member), Robert Archer (Vice-Chairperson), Ronan Lowry (Secretary), Caroline McGrotty (Chairperson) and Sally Byrne (Member).

The Irish Deaf Youth Association has finally launched its brand new website ( The launch took place after the website being down for a year. The website was created by Caroline McGrotty and Ronan Lowry on a voluntary basis as part of their hobbies and also Ronan’s studies.

Getting the website up and running while Caroline and Ronan had a million and one things to do was not easy, but they succeeded in getting the website finalized and ready for its launch.

The website is aimed have high social media interactions, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Facebook comments etc…  You can comment on our blog posts or events which will link directly to your Facebook, so no  more registration, approval etc… it’s all done for you! There is also the all-important ‘AddThis’ share button which will help increase the ranking of the site.

If you have any feedback, please do e-mail us at Your feedback is important for us and your support is much appreciated. :)

We had a special guest, Margaret Hayes from City of Dublin Youth Services Board – CDYSB. She was involved with IDYA for a couple years to support IDYA with grant application forms. She was greatly impressed with the new website. She couldn’t believe that website was created on a solely voluntary basis.

IDYA would like to say thanks everybody who attended the website launch. It was a massive success.! Also the IDYA would like to say thanks to Niamh, Lecturer in Creative Digital Media from Institute Technology Blachardstown for giving up her time to give advice and feedback for our website. Niamh, you were great! :)