Deaf Community

The Deaf Community is a group of people who share the same interests and experiences and have the same language. You do not have to be Deaf to be part of the community, you can be hard of hearing or hearing too! Being a part of the Irish Deaf Community means you participate in Deaf events, go to information nights, socialise and be able to understand and know Irish Sign Language (ISL). So that means, Deaf people, hard of hearing people, hearing siblings, hearing parents of Deaf children, hearing children of Deaf parents and friends of Deaf people, people who work in the Deaf sector are all a part of the Deaf Community.

The Deaf Community do not see being Deaf as a problem in any way at all and will have positive attitudes to being Deaf and will work for better and equal access for Deaf people.

How do I get involved in the Deaf Community?

The best way to get involved is;

  • Learn Irish Sign Language (ISL)
  • Go to Deaf events
  • Educate yourself about different Deaf issues, such as ISL, interpreters, the big ‘D’ and small ‘d’, different assistive technology etc…
  • Make an effort to meet and socialise with Deaf people
  • Volunteer at your local Deaf organisation. If you want to volunteer with the IDYA, then please email

Where do I find out information about Deaf events and organisations?

Right here! The IDYA will be updating our website with loads of our own events and occasionally other organisations events. Check out the following links for your guide! Don’t forget to keep up to date via social networking as a lot of organisations create events through Facebook.
IDYA Events
– Other Deaf Organisations News & Events
– Links to Organisations
IDYA’s Facebook Page