About Us

Who Are We?

We are a voluntary and a not – for – profit organisation; CHY 16163 that is run by Deaf youths catering for d/Deaf and hard of hearing youths all over Ireland.

The board

Since 1986….

The Irish Deaf Youth Association was set up on the 18th of October 1986 by a group of Deaf youths in Athlone, Co. Westmeath. This midland location was chosen to allow youths from all over Ireland to attend a conference to set up the IDYA to represent Deaf youths in Ireland. With support from the Irish Deaf Society, the founding members embarked on leadership courses and gathering information with limited resources.

The main aim of the organisation was to offer a social outlet for the young members of the Deaf Community to come together and celebrate their culture and language. IDYA gives a sense of identity and combats problems of isolation and social exclusion. Since it was founded in 1986, the IDYA has now grown into a core part of the Deaf Community with this aim and it has evolved to ensure that Deaf youths get the same accessibility to services and information as their hearing peers.

IDYA’s Growth….

IDYA is for Deaf youths aged 18-30 years old.  Irish Deaf Teens was set up in 2007. Irish Deaf Teens caters for teenagers aged 13 – 17. The aim of Irish Deaf Teens is to encourage the younger members of the community to get involved in the work of the IDYA. You can read more about the Irish Deaf Teens here.

Part of IDYA’s growth in recent years was also down to having staff. We received funding from the CDYSB in 2006 for a part time administrator. We also received funding from the CDYSB in 2008 for a full time Deaf Youth Advocate. Unfortunately in 2011, the funding was depleted.


We are a voluntary organisation and we continually to raise money and apply for grants to ensure our ideas are met. We are always open to suggestions and welcome new members. Our office is based in the Irish Deaf Society building in 30 Blessingtion Street, Dublin

What We Do

  • Fundraising events
  • Activities
  • Social Events
  • Workshops
  • Advocacy
  • Youth exchanges
  • Providing information through ISL
  • Represent Irish Deaf youths nationally and internationally

Our constitution is available to download here. You can download our leaflet by click HERE. If you require hard copies, please feel free to Contact Us.